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Alexander Du’bel Men’s Ready-to-wear


Having already dressed some of the most famous people on the planet in beautiful British made suits, Alexander Du’bel Creative Director and Entrepreneur Damian Alexander Du’bel gets ready to launch the men’s ready-to-wear range to the world.


Known for his love of art, Damian Alexander Du’bel always looks for the simple beauty in all of his designs. “I want to bring back simple, elegant and beautiful clothes for the everyday stylish man.” Damian Alexander Du’bel said when asked about his vision.

Matching this with beautiful fabrics and materials, I am sure the Alexander Du’bel range will have all of the characteristics we have become used to. Style, elegance and clean design.

The collecting will also feature a new leather goods and accessories range and with a big passion for supporting British Manufacturing. We can expect most, if not all of the collecting to be made in Britain.

For now we will have to make do with some of the illustrations provided by Alexander Du’bel and get ready for the magic when the time comes in March.